Nature of Time

Celebrating the Japanese spirituality of time brought to life with the pride and spirit of Takumi.

The Nature of Time

Grand Seiko and Watches of Switzerland welcome you to the Anytime, Anywhere Hamptons pop-up from July 23rd- July 25th.

Grand Seiko celebrates the rhythm of nature’s seasons in a series of new timpeieces, each of which has a unique dial whose design draws inspiration from a different sekki and celebrates the beauty of Japanese nature at its particular moment in the annual cycle. It is an expression of the very nature of time itself.

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Event Highlights
Season's Collection
Immerse yourself in the Japanese seasons

Grand Seiko’s “The Nature of Time” showcases the grandeur expression of design and movement with each seasonal watch. Submerge yourself in the Shōsho –summer.

Uniquely Japanese in design and finishing
Experience the Grand Seiko collection

Discover the most extensive collection of Grand Seiko timepieces. The curated assortment strikes the perfect balance between the delicacy of time, the wonders of Japan’s nature and the spirit of Takumi.

Our Craft
Explore Japanese craftsmanship and the spirit of Takumi

The immersive celebration of Grand Seiko’s legacy and world-class quality, highlights its committed to the strictest standards of Grand Seiko’s philosophy of manufacture, from each stage of development, design and manufacturing to assembly and adjustment – all are meticulously crafted in-house. Through interactive technology, witness and learn about the technical components and flawless execution that makes Grand Seiko a leader in the art of watchmaking.

Grand Seiko Watchmaker at Work
Toge Special Edition
A special collaboration with Watches of Switzerland

Inspired by the Japanese and British legacies of Grand Seiko and Watches of Switzerland, combining the classic British Racing Green with the fine texture of Grand Seiko’s signature Mount Iwate dial.

Watches of Switzerland | Grand Seiko
Grand Seiko Toge
Automatic with manual winding mechanism
+5 to -3 seconds per day
Power Reserve
Approximately 72 hours
28,800 vibrations per hour (8 beats per second)
35 jewels
Grand Seiko Toge Illustration
Toge Special Edition
Watches of Switzerland | Grand Seiko

The term 峠 (Tōgè), or mountain pass, refers to a navigable route through a mountain range, and the SBGM241 subtly evokes the image of a spirited drive over the many ridges of Mount Iwate in Northern Japan.

The exterior case design is an original creation by acclaimed Grand Seiko Chief Designer, Nobuhiro Kosugi, who is celebrated for his conception of the modern 44GS case design. It features a crescent moon-shaped profile courtesy of the Zaratsu polished, curved lugs. A gold GMT hand adds a distinctive touch and the brown leather strap, with fine green stitching, beautifully finishes the bold, refined and minimalistic aesthetic.

Grand Seiko Toge Special Edition Case Details
Season’s Collection
Soko Special Edition: Inspired by the end of Autumn

Sōkō, the end of Autumn,when the first frost embraces the forest. The green accent colors featured on the seconds hand and power reserve indicator epitomize the life of the Arashiyama bamboo forest in Kyoto in its peak season at the end of Autumn. Arashiyama’s bamboo forest in Kyoto, showcases mesmerizing slashes of light as sun filters through the densely packed grove.

Grand Seiko SBGA427 on Bracelet Grand Seiko SBGA427 on Strap
Grand Seiko SBGA429 on Bracelet Grand Seiko SBGA429 on Strap
Season’s Collection
Japan Seasons Special Edition Celebrating Nature’s eternal dance of change

Unveiling its deep sensibilities and a reverence for the Japanese passage of time, Grand Seiko has reimagined the iconic 62GS design with four new timepieces for its Heritage Collection.

Shunbun Watch Dial
Shunbun (Spring)

When sakura blossoms fall into water, they swirl and float. The pink blossoms dance on the water, and the Japanese call them flower rafts, hanaikada. The pink dial of this model captures the spirit of the fleeting sakura season.

Rikka Watch Dial
Rikka (Summer)

As spring passes to summer, the land turns lush and green. A refreshing summer zephyr blows over waving fields and grass. This refreshing zephyr in Japanese is kunpu. This model’s rich, green dial seizes a summer moment to enjoy forever.

Shunbun Fall Watch Dial
Shubun (Fall)

Under the moonlight, the night is quiet except for the last of the chirping crickets. The bright moon against the dark sky in Japanese is known as tsukiyo. The dial of this model is a dark blue to celebrate the autumnal equinox and represent the autumn clouds as they float through the sky.

Taisetsu Watch Dial
Taisetsu (Winter)

Pine trees crusted with snow, silent under the sun of winter. It’s when the world has settled into a slumber only to awaken in the spring. This model’s dial celebrates the winter snow as it gathers and glitters against the sunlight.

Grand Seiko SBGA413
Grand Seiko SBGH271
Grand Seiko SBGH273
Grand Seiko SBGA415
Grand Seiko SBGA413
Grand Seiko SBGH271
Grand Seiko SBGH273
Grand Seiko SBGA415